Nail art: How to earn your stripes

Words by Sarah Jossel

Generate a megawatt colour pop with graphic tips

If the wildest thing about your current make-up look is an extra lashing of mascara, then let your nails provide the pop of colour. “Ditch moody hues and embrace something playful,” says the OPI ambassador Sophie Harris-Greenslade, who created this design. “Start with one colour as the base, wait for it to dry, then layer the other shades on top so there’s no bare nail peeping through,” she says.

Set of products for nails

Set of products for nails

The secret of straight lines is nail striping tape (from £1). Then it’s up to you to experiment with tones and textures: throw some metallics in for evening, or mix and match colours together. After all, why use one shade when you can have four?

Photograph: David Ralph. Nails: Sophie Harris-Greenslade for OPI. Hand Model: Nic at Hired Hands